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“This place is like entering into another world. So serene and peaceful. A flow of zen and calm here, like I’ve stepped out of DC. I leave feeling so relaxed and free of pain.” – K.Costello 3/2015

Tracy’s approach has been developed from over 15 years of experience with helping people overcome pain and symptoms of illness. She has overcome her own health issues through the same methods she offers to you, today…

  • 01. Prevent

    Stress is the number One cause of illness

    Build your WELLTH at EHA! recent studies show that stress is an underlying factor and catalyst of many modern diseases

  • 02. Heal

    TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a dynamic system in continuous innovation and refinement for over 5000 years

    results-driven, non-invasive medicine that works in harmony with Your body’s natural healing processes

  • 03.Rejuvenate

    BALANCE is the new Achievement:

    Chinese and Holistic medicine combine to form a powerful East-meets-West drug-free approach to help your body detox, heal, and relax naturally


Experience Matters…
At Eastern Holistic Arts we listen to you, develop a personalized care plan, and provide comprehensive holistic healing in a serene clinic-spa environment…

Look and Feel Your Best, for Life!

Tracy has designed the Program at EHA to guide you toward getting the treatment results you want with fewer visits in a tranquil setting. Treatment plans are designed Just For You. 

We create a foundation and structure for your healing and optimal health to Flourish: Acupuncture, botanical medicine, and nutrition-based therapies are effective for resolving the symptoms of chronic and acute illness, pain and injuries, balancing an alert active mind, body, and spirit throughout your entire lifetime.

Manage your future health at EHA: “55” is the new “40”. As people live longer, maintaining and cultivating your strongest possible self is of increasing importance into your later years. Invest in making it ROBUST!

Focusing priority on your health now for the benefit of your “Wellth” in later years translates into: independence, productivity, and strength for you and your family as you age. Eastern Holistic Arts offers you the finest holistic health care, and true preventive medicine.